Friday, August 15, 2014

Cheryl Green Offers Amy Schumer Her Left Tit

Cheryl Green
Buckle up folks because this episode with guest, Cheryl Green, will take listeners on a wild ride of emotions. Prepare to laugh until you pee and get so pissed off that you shout obscenities! Cheryl and I discuss film making, brain injuries, tits, Comedy Central, activism, and political correctness...and then back to tits. We also gossip about some of our friends.

As a Podcaster, I've been known to divide episodes into two segments when the material is just too juicy to cut. For the first time ever in Hash It Out history though, this episode is divided into three segments! Yes folks, it's that awesome! The circumstances leading up to Cheryl's generous offer to Amy Schumer are revealed in the third segment.

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