Monday, July 22, 2013

Hashing It Out With Hotties From Miami Heat Wheels

Mario Moran, Shaina Allen, Mike Esposito,
Orlando Carrillo and Jeremie Thomas

This Master Podcaster isn't ashamed to admit that athletics are not exactly her forte'.  I love to learn new things though and I thrive on promoting positive people who do groovy things! Jeremie Thomas, Orlando Carrillo, and Mario Moran of Miami Heat Wheels professional basketball team join me on this latest episode, along with Mike Esposito and Shaina Allen who are making a documentary about this awesome team!

This episode of "HASH IT OUT With Jane" is immediately ready for download!  Music by Lil Bow Wow

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hash It Out Upgrade

Hello, fabulous Fans and Friends!  Since the "HASH IT OUT WITH JANE" shop on Cafepress has been so successful, I've been able to upgrade a little.  Previously, I had to take down old episodes of this free podcast to make room for new episodes because the free hosting service has limited storage space.  It was rather agonizing having to decide which episodes to remove when the storage was getting full.  

Those days are over though!  Thanks to you shop-a-holics, I was able to purchase storage space so all episodes are available at all times!  

Thanks for being AWESOME!

Katherine Klimitas, Artist and Author of "LOOKING UP"

(This episode originally was posted in October of 2012)

Katherine Klimitas
This week on "HASH IT OUT WITH JANE," I was joined by Katherine Klimitas. She is a painter, jewelry designer, graphic artist and author of a book called, "Looking Up." In this book she colorfully illustrates her perspective on life from her wheelchair.

Music featured on this episode: