Friday, March 29, 2013

"The Little Devil" starring Sam Renke and directed by Max Barber

This episode is better than beans on toast!  Sam Renke, an up and coming British Actress with a disability and Director Max Barber were so much fun to chat with that I ended up breaking down the interview into two episodes!  I just couldn't bare to cut any of our silly yet informative dialogue.  Sam plays the lead female role in "The Little Devil", while the lead male character is played by seasoned Actor, DeObia Oparei.

To pre-order your copy of "The Little Devil" and support its distribution, click here and visit their Indiegogo page.

DeObia, Sam, and Max
Both episodes, part 1 and 2, will be available for download on 3-31-13 through iTunes, PodOmatic, and Stitcher (see icons on left.)

Music played on these episodes include:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Paul Caune, co-creator of "Hope Is Not A Plan"

This week, my friend Paul Caune made his second appearance on "HASH IT OUT WITH JANE."  On this visit, he was promoting a new documentary called "Hope Is Not A Plan."  In this film, produced by Urban Sherpa Films, audiences will learn how few civil rights people with disabilities in Canada have.  The main objective is to encourage the establishment of legislation similar to the American's With Disabilities Act.  When "Hope Is Not A Plan" becomes available on DVD, all proceeds will go to a charity that provides services to Canadians with disabilities.

The song featured in this episode is "Get up, Stand Up" by Bob Marley. 
Behind the scenes of "Hope Is Not A Plan"

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Teal Sherer of "MY GIMPY LIFE"

As the hostess of "HASH IT OUT WITH JANE" I have interviewed numerous interesting and successful people with disabilities who are breaking stereotypes in all that they do. Among the ranks of previous guests are authors, dancers, activists, educators, musicians, and now an actress!

Teal Sherer is an L.A. based actress who has blond hair, a pretty face and a nice big set of wheels that get her where she needs to go. No, she's not one of those lady's in that docudrama on The Sundance Channel. Instead, she is the star of her very own show called "My Gimpy Life!" It is a hilarious TV show about real trials and tribulations of being a woman wheelchair user. Until a major network realizes that Teal Sherer is an extremely talented Actress who's show has limitless potential, "My Gimpy Life" can be found on YouTube.

In our very candid interview, Teal and I discuss how she came to be a wheelchair user, how a healthy sense of humor helped her accept her new reality, and the future of "My Gimpy Life."

During this episode I poke a little fun at our wheelie sisters on The Sundance Channel but it's all in good humor. Part of celebrating our diversity is being able to laugh at ourselves...or, I'm just a snarky bitch. You decide!

The podcast episode of "HASH IT OUT WITH JANE" featuring my interview with Teal Sherer will be uploaded on Monday, September 17th.

DJ Rynita 'Short-E' McGuire

A few weeks ago I was privileged to interview one of the hottest female DJ's who spins all across the midwest...DJ Rynita 'Short-E' McGuire! In our very candid interview, Rynita shares how she overcame a variety of adverse situations and circumstances with strength, tenacity, and dedication. She's a real down-to-Earth, bad ass,piece of sex on wheels who I totally enjoyed spending time with.

You can listen to this interview in its entirety on Sunday, October 14th when I upload it to iTunes.

Frank Kitchen, Motivational Speaker and author of "Fresh From The Kitchen"

Thus far "HASH IT OUT WITH JANE" has focused primarily on the struggles and accomplishments of people with disabilities. This will continue to be the main focus of this podcast but it's important to realize that just because a person can walk, reach the top shelf at the store, or go to the toilet independently, does not mean his/her life is easy or without challenges.

The current job market and economy are providing seemingly endless obstacles yet few opportunities. This is scary and depressing for many. My good friend of more than ten years, Frank Kitchen, joins me on October 1st, 2012 to share his positive perspective on how to use what you've got to get ahead during these challenging times. To learn more 'Frank wisdom,' check out the websites below!

Nina G, Comedian

Nina G is the world's only known female Stand-Up Comic who stutters. She's a real SILF who I had a great time interviewing for the latest episode of "HASH IT OUT WITH JANE." To keep up with the latest happening with Nina G, check out the following links!

Cancer Survivor and Author of 'Power Ushering Students Higher' (PUSH) Nikol Boddie-Treece

Nikol Boddie-Treece is a high school science teacher from Dayton, Ohio. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to interview her about her victory over cancer. No drugs. No radiation. No chemo. No cancer. How did she do it? Download this episode and find out!

Music for this episode was provided by Sweet Brown and James Brown.