Thursday, May 16, 2013

The "HASH IT OUT WITH JANE" Shop Is Open!!

This is a super duper exciting time for this 'fun sized' Podcaster!  All the most groovy people are lining up to be my next guest.  Plus, listenership increases every time I upload a new episode!  Eek!  

As if all that isn't awesome enough, I just launched the "HASH IT OUT WITH JANE" Shop on CafePress!!  Now, you folks can buy cool stuff with my logo on it that was designed by the fabulous Rynita McGuire Designs and funded by the equally fabulous folks at Madtown Ink (see ad down below!)  

Also, I'm not positive about this but I'm pretty sure that shopping at the "HASH IT OUT WITH JANE" Shop on CafePress will alleviate any bad karma that you may have incurred along the way.  So, if you were a total bunghole in the past, don't worry...just shop and every thing will be ok.

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